So Many Ways to be Kind



Kindness can be expressed in a broad manner of ways. The environment and our planet is in desperate need of our kindness. We are not owners of this Earth, but only temporary inhabitants who owe it to the next "tenants" to leave the place better than we found it... Here's some ideas to help do just that.    


Meatless Mondays

Take a night off of meat. Eat beans, lentils, tofu, soy noodles, etc. Try new recipes and have fun with it! You will help the world a little bit and feel amazing! 

Having a Bath

Shower Every Other Day

If possible, go a day without a shower. So much water saved and your skin will thank you as well. Over-showering = dry skin.  

Metal Water Bottle

Get a Reusable Water Bottle 

Instead of using single use plastic water bottles, get a reusable water bottle and refill it periodically. Single Use Plastic is filling our oceans and killing our sea-life! 

Lights in the Dark

Lights Out

When you leave a room, turn off the light. If the sun is lighting the room, let it. It becomes a habit to turn on the light even when there's no necessity for it!

Bag of Fruits

Bring Your Own Bags

Bring your own produce and grocery bags to the store. In some places, you'll save yourself 10 cents a bag as well! 

Table Setting

Use Cloth Napkins/Towels

Paper Napkins & Paper Towels are so wasteful and unnecessary. Cloth napkins can be found on Amazon. Use a few times then wash with your laundry! 

Kindness between humans is SO IMPORTANT... Join me on Instagram at the KIND MATTERINGS page to see videos and posts where we will dive into what people say and how they could better say it. We need to be more kind to each other....

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