What's Percolating?

Life moves so fast and there's so much to experience that we don't always have time to keep up... This space is for sharing - videos, songs, movies, books - all that I'm into or excited about at the moment... 

Never Worn White

A New Music Video From Katy Perry

SPOILER ALERT... What a beautiful way to announce to the world that you are pregnant. 

Such a beautiful song and I watched her talk after the video dropped on Instagram live and she explained that for her first wedding she wore grey and so she was so looking forward to wearing white. She was so cute, eating dried mango and spilling the beans on her cravings and hormones. She's the best and I'm so excited for all "she's going to deliver this Summer" - she kept saying that! Yay - AN ALBUM - Finally! Oh and yes a baby too. LOL 

Spill Your Guts

Justin Bieber and James Corden Spill Thier Guts

I laughed out loud throughout this whole segment. I just was tickled by the way that Justin laughed and had so much fun with James Corden. It's been a while since we've seen him just be happy and have fun. It's so gross and yet it is my FAVORITE game/segment of any talk show! 

Taylor Swift is THE MAN

Taylor Swift's amazing anthem THE MAN gets a music video!

When I first watched this video, I was wondering - who's the dude? Not until "he" winked did I have to go back and rewatch to see is that REALLY Taylor? She does such an amazing job through the entire video. She wrote it, she directed it and NO SCOOTERS ALLOWED! Ahhhhh-mazing Miss Taylor... as if you could do anything less than amazing! 

John Mayer is BACK!!!

Love On the Weekend


Love On The Weekend Dazzles and makes you ache for the weekend every time you listen to it! Can't wait for the album!!!


Chelsea Handler's Crusade to Have Barb Return to STRANGER THINGS!!!

Love these kiddos!!!! Love this show!

Renee on Chelsea

Bridget Jones's Baby hit theaters September 16th!!!

This interview was so great because we really got to see a softer side of Chelsea and a whole other side of Renee!

Still The One


It Doesn't Have To Make Sense is such a great album

I have it on REPEAT every single day...

She's slowly becoming my all time favorite

She's Got A Way With Words

This song is so well written!

This song should win some awards this year! 


Katy Perry INSPIRES us all AGAIN!

This song inspires GREATNESS... I added this to my walking mix and I found myself getting so pumped up that I was running by the end of it! GET PUMPED UP! 

Out The Woods

A New Video by: Taylor Swift

I'm still torn with how I feel about this music video. Taylor is stunning, the song is my favorite off the album - 1989, but I'm just not sure this completely depicts the deep sense of uncertainty the song speaks to. I feel that Taylor is pretty sure of herself throughout the video. Yes, she faces obstacles and visually it's powerful, but the message of the song, to me, is uncertainty. Still digesting this video... not 100% sure how I feel about it... Watch it to the left, what do you think? 


Have you seen the new trailer for


It looks stunning and amazing!

The sequel to Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND that came out in 2010 has the same all star cast with a couple new additions. Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska and Helena Bonham Carter are all back, but Sacha Baron Cohen along with the voice of Alan Rickman join the cast as well! Must we wait till May 2016?!?!?! 

Special Acoustic Performance

Taylor Swift sings OUT OF THE WOODS

to celebrate her attendance record breaking

exhibit at the Grammy Museum!

A special intimate performance at the Clive Davis Theater! What a beautiful version of this genius song. It's always great to see an artist just stripped down to their craft. No outfit changes, no special mics or synthesization - just her and a piano! BRILLIANT! 

Jimmy Fallon & Tom Hanks = Genius!

Kid's Theater

This is so entertaining! They gave children only the title of the movie - Bridge of Spies  and they created a script off that knowledge alone and well cuteness ensues. Tom Hanks is such a great sport and Jimmy Fallon can do anything! Great little bit to bring a little sunshine into your life! 

She Used To Be Mine

What's Inside: Songs From Waitress

Sara Bareilles

Being a HUGE fan of the movie Waitress and even a BIGGER fan of Sare Bareilles, you can imagine how excited I was that the two entities were coming together. Not only have they come together, but Sara has created an entire musical version of one of the greatest movies ever made. The entire album is beautiful and paints such a rich picture which ties into the story so perfectly. This song is just a tiniet slice of the sweetness Sara has created - Go buy the album - you will NOT be disappointed!!! 

Wildest Dreams = Visual Stunner

Taylor Swift does it again...

Her videos DO NOT disappoint...

This is by far my favorite song on the album...

What a way to paint a picture with words... BEAUTIFUL! 

Fight Song...

The little song that could...

It keeps on going strong...

Love it still and always will...

Age ain't nothing... she's 34 and making her dreams come true... Beautiful story of sticking with it and making it happen NO MATTER WHAT!!!

RIP James Horner

He's responsible for the only classical music I ever truly loved...

Your contributions to music are truly appreciated and

You will be truly missed sweet creative man...

Our hearts will go on... 

Prince Ea Spreads Amazing Messages... Hope, Love, Peace

Fell upon Prince Ea by accident on YouTube

One by one I watched all his videos

They resonated with me because they were full of positivity and heart...

Live now... here's a great example of how talented Prince Ea is with words and weaving them into such powerful messages... check out more of his videos on YOUTUBE! 

Vince Recounts True Confessions Game

Watch the video entitled "Awkward" below BEFORE this clip

Vince Vaughn on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the night AFTER True Confessions game... 




An innocent game... True Confessions

One fake, One true confession...

Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Colin Farrell went deep into his true history and shocked everyone... THEY DIDN'T CATCH THE KILLER... LOL 

Sara Bareilles Writing Stage Adaptation of Waitress

***EXPLICIT*** Start watching at 1:25 to skip curse word...

The 2007 movie WAITRESS which starred Keri Russell as an amazing pie baker is now being turned into a Broadway Musical.... By none other than Sara Bareilles!


This is the first taste of what can be expected from the musical. Sara sings a song from the production:  

She Used To Be Mine (from Waitress Musical)


Due to come to the stage in 2016... 

The Mindy Project Saved by HULU

Fox cancels The Mindy Project after 3 seasons!

But not to fear...

Hulu has ordered 26 episodes of the popular sitcom!

No exact date has been announced, but Hulu hopes to bring this fan-favorite comedy back to screens by Fall 2015! 


Kacey Musgraves Has a New Song!

The first single from the upcoming new album Pageant Material is out on the radio now!

It's called: BISCUITS

If this song is any indication at what we can expect from the rest of her album - we are in for a real treat! She's got such a great talent at playing with words. Deep and meaningful coupled with witty and electric! That's what makes her so special! Cannot wait!!! 

Melissa McCarthy Takes On Critic

I love when someone stands up to mean people!

She's so kind in her delivery too. She defends the wrong doer a couple of times which is very honorable. Super impressed with Melissa's way of handling it all. Great woman! 

New Mumford & Sons Song is Epic


First single from Mumford & Sons' new album:

Wilder Mind

Even though it's lacking the band's signature bango and normal deeper than deep lyrics, this song is worth a listen! 


The NBC show starring Minnie Driver, David Walton and Benjamin Stockham has not been picked up for a third season!

Cue the tears...

This beautifully written, character driven show was one of my favorites and I am so sad that it won't be back in the Fall! 


Minnie Driver is exquisite and Benjamin Stockham is just the cutest kid actor on the planet! They made a believable Mother and Son team and I will miss them!

Brad Paisley - Crushin' It

The funniest man in country music does it again!

His video for Crushin' It is a visual delight...

Starring cartoon versions of your favorite country superstars:

Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town and many more....

Every Tom Hanks Movie Acted Out in 7 Minutes

Tom Hanks & James Corden

CBS - The Late Late Show

James Corden is easily climbing up to the top of my list of celebrities. He's so genuine, so talented and so funny!!! I think CBS did a great job picking him to take over hosting The Late Late Show and this video is just one of the many reasons why! Tom Hanks is such a sport to do this and it is just hilarious, touching and makes me love Tom Hanks even more!!! Didn't think that was possible! 

Have you heard this song???

Fight Song

By: Rachel Platten

I am loving this song! What an anthem for starting over, being true to you and BELIEVING!!! That's what it is all about!!! 


Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Ashley Benson and Brian Cox

Directed by: Chris Columbus

SUMMER - 2015

It's like a live action Wreck It Ralph and I am so excited about it!!! Love the cast, love the idea... seriously counting the days... 

Style - New Taylor Swift Video

Taylor's 3rd Single from 1989

This video is a visual masterpiece. Such new ways to show emotions and beautiful snippets of gorgeous people. Taylor Swift is really turning out to be a "Style" icon and her beauty is so amazingly showcased in this video. As a "swiftie," you pick up on hints which help you determine who she might be singing about. This one isn't a stretch because Harry's last name is "Style" and his "James Dean day dream look in his eye..." is pretty powerful, I'm blushing to admit. Still, there's a piece of personal history thrown in for the slightest second ever. You have to really be looking for it. Around the 14 second mark, there's a necklace that resembles a paper airplane. This helps seal the deal that she's talking about Harry Styles because we all know that "Out Of The Woods" is about him and when she refers to "2 paper airplanes flying" in that song she's talking about the matching necklaces they bought when they were together. It was a little nod to him to show the necklace in this video and just shows us how much he really meant to her.

Hot Pursuit

Starring: Sofia Vergara & Reese Witherspoon

So excited! What an odd pairing, but it looks like great chemistry. Reminds me a little bit of HEAT, but with some latin flair! Favorite line... "look at you, you're teeny tiny. You're like a little dog that I can put in my purse." I love how Reese's height keeps shrinking and Sofia's age keeps getting older on every news report. This just looks like fun! Can't wait till May!!!  

Jennifer Aniston is Magical In CAKE

I was lucky enough to see Jennifer Aniston receive the Montecito Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on January 30th, 2015. I knew I was crazy about Jen, but this evening of stories and looking back at her career made me further adore who she is and what she's all about. She's humble, honest and really interesting. Her performance in CAKE is sheer brillance and she went all the way in this movie. It hit this emotionally fragile girl hard, but in the greatest way possible. What a film! I'm so excited that Jennifer Aniston was able to show a different side of herself... it's exciting to know that she'll be offered more of these kinds of parts from now on. So much more where that came from. Bravo to my favorite friend! This interview somewhat mirrors what we heard from her at the Montecito Award tribute. Great stories...  


The Roots & Jimmy Fallon

Plus: Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande,

Usher, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, One Direction and Meghan Trainor all singing ACAPELLA!

Brady Bunch Style! What a fun concept! 

Swiftamine - Saturday Night Live

It's no secret I love Taylor Swift, but this is funny stuff. Saturday Night Live was genius with this skit and even Taylor Swift herself posted it to her Facebook Page. She proves again that she's a good sport and able to laugh at herself. "Shake, shake, shake it off..." 


Performed by: Sara Bareilles

This gives me goosebumps! I love how she sings this song. So well done and one of the best covers I have ever heard. Love it acoustically and you can actually hear all the lyrics. Hauntingly beautiful. Just makes me love Miss Sara B even more!!! 

The Minions Are Coming!!!

Coming Summer 2015

Our favorite Yellow Friends are getting their own movie in just 9 months!!! The trailer is amazing!!!  

Jason Mraz - Who I'm Grooving To

Everywhere is my favorite song off the YES Album!

Jason Mraz is the man and if you haven't heard his album YES - run, I mean SPRINT and go get yourself a copy. You will not be disappointed. He is utterly amazing and the songs are mostly upbeat and lift you up. This is my favorite song on the album because I love imagery and he paints an amazing picture with this song. Shows an all encompassing relationship and had me wondering at times if he was talking spiritually? As if this song was coming from the mouth of God? Just one take. It's also a great love song and how you feel that the whole world is tied up in your one special person. Great song. Go listen... It rocks, I promise! 

Inside Out - New Pixar Movie

Hitting Theaters SUMMER of 2015

Starring: Bill Hader, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling

I love animated films and this new trailer for Pixar's movie "Inside Out" is awesome! What a fun concept and I cannot wait!!! 

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