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A Mother's Love by: Jennie Camile

When properly placed A Mother's love will wipe the tears from your face It can be your support when your foundation is weak It can be your rocking chair that rocks you to sleep

When graciously given A Mother's love will push you ahead when you're not so driven It can lead you home when you're lost in the night It can turn what you don't want to hear into the greatest advice

When softly spoken A Mother's love will touch a heart that has gotten so used to being broken It can remind you to follow your dreams when you want to give up It can help you get through those times people try your trust

When you are grown A Mother's love will be there for you when you feel so all alone It can spread for miles and support you from a far It can help you to have faith when life gets hard

When years fly by A Mother's love will stand the test of time It will live on and keep you grounded when good sense is hard to find It will pull you forward when you start to fall behind That is, if your Mother's love is anything like mine


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