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You Get What You Pay For by: Jennie Camile

A new found smile rests on my face I'm so happy here in this space Days go quickly and I used to think that was bad

A blessed life starts with a positive outlook Catching a small break was all that it took I so appreciate all that I have

Light shines down when you're not spreading darkness Negative thoughts can be so difficult to harness Let hope and love be your reigns

Don't allow hurtful words to be said Don't you let criticism fill your head Don't do everything hoping for personal gain

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder Things get more beautiful as you get older And you can finally see Past rose colored to reality Each day holds so much more value Each sun shines brighter than the one before You fully discover what makes you, YOU Life can be hard, but you get what you pay for...

Experience has taught me not to trust Still I believe writing someone off is unjust You've got to try to work things out for closure

Love has caused me some pain But a stronger, wiser person remains I can accept heartache with more composure

Baggage no longer weighs me down No past tears are going to cause me to drown I have found a renewed sense of strength

When you stop searching for answers, there they shall be Best to stop only looking out for # 1, get rid of the "me" mentality Cause only when you truly give do you deserve thanks

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder So much beauty around me as I'm getting older I finally see Past "fake" to reality See exactly what gives the day value I no longer expect wide open doors I see exactly what I have to do Life can be all you want it to be, but you get what you pay for...

If you put in the time Let go of some pride Show what you are deep inside You'll get helping hands More people will try to understand Oh, life will be grand...

You get what you pay for Take less and give more...


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