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If I Could Live For You by: Jennie Camile

If I could live for you I wouldn't waste a breath I'd be a little more daring And do all I haven't done yet If I could live for you I'd finally visit Half Moon Bay I'd send more hand written letters And never have a reason to regret what I didn't say If I could live for you I'd see the world through a child's eye I would appreciate the smallest miracle I wouldn't apologize for asking why If I could live for you I'd paint my soul on canvas I'd dance without a single care Maybe take up speaking Spanish If I could live for you I'd travel to the ends of the earth I'd see the beauty in the mirror Never second guess my worth If you were still here to live for yourself I know that your story would be the fattest book on the shelf But sadly your time was taken and now all that I can do Is say a little prayer and do my best to live for you...


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