• jenniecamile

Weighing Me Down by: Jennie Camile

Where do I begin? Seems a daunting task The New Year is hear again Do you really have to ask? I am on a mission to rid this extra weight Protein and veggies are all that cover my plate

I exercise with a smile I just love to sweat I walk at least three miles But still not enough pounds lost yet I shouldn't have made cookies for desert I should have realized how seconds would hurt

I'm not self loathing That's the crazy part I'm happy where my life is going Just wish I had less to cart My knees are aching and I crave more energy More energy so I can find a better me

I forge ahead Goal on my mind When I get out of bed I just take a look at my behind That's all the motivation I need The only thing I've ever grown without a seed

This year is for reaching goals Anything is possible The plan just can't have any holes And the pantry cannot be full I want to feel comfortable inside and out So I can't finally shine a light on what I'm all about


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