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Stupid Cupid by: Jennie Camile

Cupid's arrow struck me twice Once, and then again since I didn't follow his advice He pointed me towards a cologne soaked man Who looks into mirrors every chance he can Now you can see why I didn't trust his judgment Mr. conceited wasn't exactly heaven sent

Cupid tried again and I had to entertain him Except this time, the guy he found catered my every whim If I sneezed, a tissue; If I shivered, a blanket If I was thirsty, a drink; If the milk was due to spoil, he drank it A little over the top and smothered did I feel Would cupid ever have a hope at finding me love that's real?

So they say that three's a charm

And I thought there'd be no harm In giving Cupid another chance to take But alas he lead me to a man who only wanted the tax break A marriage proposal on the spot Sorry Cupid, that was your very last shot

A ways from home, I walked through town Till a Starbucks coffee flagged me down I stepped inside to have a sip And my oh my, you won't believe it Sitting there smiling with his gorgeous eyes Was the man who would become the love of my life

So the moral of the story my lonely friends You never know how your story will end You may be let down - man after man But it is all part of a master plan Cupid may lead you astray You'll be better off if you find your own way...


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