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Kiss Winter Goodbye by: Jennie Camile

Rain just keeps pouring down All signs of Spring are flooded out Still that's how the saying goes April showers help the flowers grow

Some say it's been raining far too long But I'd have to say that they're wrong Cause you can't wash away the residue With a clear, sun shinning view

All that's been All that will be Each year again So much hope to see The year hasn't really begun Until birds leave the nest one by one And fly... fly... fly... As they kiss Winter goodbye

Dandelion wishes sprinkled in the air Little dreams floating through the breeze Nature is full of life, no longer bare Pollen tickles your nose and makes you sneeze

Some say the time change really makes it hard To wake up in the morning and spread their wings But isn't it nice to go on an evening walk or work in the yard Haven't you missed hearing the sweet birds sing?

All that's been What will be? Each year again So much hope to set you free The year has finally begun Time to leave our secure nests one by one And fly... fly... fly... Kiss, oh Kiss Winter goodbye!


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