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No Vacancy At The Hope Hotel by: Jennie Camile

No vacancy at The Hope Hotel Dreams, needs and wants are all checked in You've made this place your own little wishing well

The shooting stars can't keep up with your requests Can't you help a little? Your star gazing has made it hard for you to give your best

You work hard for everybody else to get ahead You sell yourself short You put your ambitions in a hat box under the bed

Wishes are for believers who know anything's possible You constantly think you're unworthy If you could just get your feet to move you as much as your soul

There's no vacancy at The Hope Hotel No more desires can be thrown about Time for actions and belief to turn fear towards farewell

11:11 - Make a wish 11:11 - Get over it Pennies in a well Why not use that change to fuel the story you have you tell You can pray, you can hope, you can get captured by a falling star But first you've got to really have faith in who you are...

Blow out the candles and make a wish for the new year I wish that by my next birthday I will conquer all my fears Blow the seeds off the dandelion and dream as big as the sun

My dream is that my inspiration will never ever be done That star just fell from its black piece of sky I'll wish that on wishes and hopes, I won't always rely

There's no vacancy at The Hope Hotel It's time for you to check into The Make Things Happen Inn It's time that you hold onto hope the way it's supposed to be held...


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