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Know Your Worth by: Jennie Camile

Here's a moment to take it all in Appreciate all I've been given Wisdom of a life fully lived Wisdom from a woman who's soul purpose was to give I sit here embracing who I am Aware of my faults, but no longer dwelling in them All we can do is say we're sorry and hope for forgiveness Cannot hold onto my apologies that have been dismissed When you own your actions and your voice When you own your mistakes realizing it was your choice When you know your heart and place on this Earth You learn to love yourself and know your worth Here's a moment to dive into words Piece together sentences that no one has ever heard Wisdom flows through me from the heavens above Wisdom of angels who want to spread love I sit here embracing my god given gift Aware that it's up to me to make the most of it All we can do is be active every single day Network, create, and pave our own way When you own your decisions and your path When you let go of the resentments that hold you back When you realize there's a reason you're here on Earth You take more stock in yourself and know your worth I hold so many in high esteem But on that list, I rarely add "me" If I do my best and hold tight to reality I will know how valuable I can be When you do your best instead of using the phrase "I'm better than" When you change "I can't" to "You bet I can!" When you're honest with the world, but honest with yourself first You find inner peace and know your worth


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