• jenniecamile

Gracious Spirit by: Jennie Camile

Gracious spirit Timeless tale Those who fear it Are scared to fail Life is that of Gods and graces Pray for love and kind true faces

Wise soul Travel lightly Let it go Never hold on tightly Life is for moving along Finding a way to remain strong

Weary traveler How it hurts There may never be a cure But don't you know - it could be worse Life is for having faith in the heavens Believing when this life ends, another begins

Heavy hearted I know you ache A friend departed It's too much to take Life is for feeling an array of emotions and for those you love, showing devotion

Kind one full of dreams You'll be all right All that comes apart at the seams Can be stitched in the daylight Life is for learning from every turn Love and cherish all the wisdom earned


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