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Sensitive Soul by: Jennie Camile

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Being a sensitive soul

Takes its toll

Tears come effortlessly

Structure becomes debris

I run deep and overflow

Ache to just let go

A vast and complicated blue sea

Despair’s favorite trainee

Sensitive and introspective

Seek solitude over hectic

Words written on the page

Give peace to pain and rage

Feeling every little change in motion

I easily tap into every emotion

Constantly trying to feel whole

Fragmented; because I am a sensitive soul

Being a sensitive soul

There is a defined role

You have the gift of seeing wounds

Amongst lives that have resumed

So much pain we all conceal

Before its had the chance to heal

So many ears that don't care to just listen

So few of us understand the gift we've been given

Sensitive and realistic

Not abnormally optimistic

We're all at a different stage

Only we have the power to turn the page

If you're down and as blue as the ocean

Don't let anyone bowl over your emotion

They are cutting you down so they can feel whole

Hold on and feel what you feel - you sensitive soul...


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