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We're Cutting Down Trees by: Jennie Camile

Mother Earth has given us many warnings The natural disasters, the global warming All these years abusing the soil and the air All these years of education and still some seem unaware Going on as if there's nothing left to lose Going on as if there are no new choices to choose So many options, so many ways to help Still so many people think less about the planet and more about themselves We're still throwing out paper We're still building sky scrapers We still refuse to recycle Drive more than we walk or cycle So much waste in the land of the free We're still cutting down trees Just across the street they're re-purposing an old shop A business is expanding and hoping that you'll stop Stop by to have a coffee and a muffin to start your day But there's one small thing that may keep me away I'm a sensitive soul and am moved very easily The simplest images can bring me to tears or make me feel guilty Today I saw the tree cutters and I felt anger grab a hold Why would they chop a piece of nature's bounty with all that we now know? We're still throwing out paper We're still emitting harmful vapors We still refuse to reuse Put far too much stock into "new" So much waste in the land of the free I can't believe we're still cutting down trees As if they were some pesky weeds We're still cutting down trees...


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