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Simple Girl by: Jennie Camile

A bit outlandish

No that will never be me

The wall… I’ve found it

And it hasn’t warmed up to setting me free

See I’m a simple minded, simple girl

But my soul is deeper than any ocean of this world

If you’d like to know me

I could show you around

But I must be honest

I won’t apologize for what is found

I ache every single day

I burst into laughter for no reason at all

I cry when someone walks away

Resentments are abundant like pictures on my wall

But I love deeply and I don’t let go

For all I give, I deserve a lot, you know?

Sometimes I settle for less

A lack of self confidence I guess

I’m not needy and I hate talking on the phone

I value every second I get to spend alone

A bit over the top

No I’m pretty even keel

The back row… that’s my spot

And I’ll do anything to stay concealed

See I’m a blend in and take notes kind of girl

But there are moments when I shine and own the world

If you’d like to see

I could give you a tour

But promise to let it be

I’m not asking to be cured

I cannot watch the news

I start to fear the world and resent

All the horrible new ways people abuse

It all adds to my lament

But I love to go outside and feel the beach

How the end of the horizon is out of reach

Sometimes I ache to sail away

Sadly I’ve tied myself to the bay

I’m self hindering and I fear way too much

I’ve known so many kindred spirits, but we’ve lost touch…

A whole lot of cynical

No I’m still hopeful and idealistic

To you, my life might seem dull

But that just means you’re not very artistic

See I don’t need spotlights or my name on a marquee

I’m a simple girl – content crafting behind the scenes

And if someday recognition happened to find me

This same simple, humble girl I’d be…


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