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My Home by: Jennie Camile

The rivers run deeper than they ever have You can't save me from myself and so you feel bad I'm floating along without much direction Sensitive spirit tired of her own reflection

Still I know that no matter how far I get You haven't given up on me yet So I will hold you dearer than I have before The struggles remind us what we love each other for

You... you are my rock You... you stay up nights and talk everything out with me You... I love you a lot So glad that we're not like the others, those who are too quick to be free Together we have more than we'd have alone You are the strength I seek When being strong evades me You, you are my home

The crazy days behind us seem to continue ahead You kiss my cheek as you pray today I'll find my way out of bed The sorrow that I hold inside gives you worry Still you let me work it all out... "Take your time, don't hurry..."

I feel every pain there is to feel and it weighs me down I crave a clear mind and a semi-solid ground I feel so alone and then you hold my hand Wipe my tears and even if you don't, for a moment, I feel like you understand

You... you are my other half You... you stay with me When I wouldn't blame you if you ran When I wouldn't be surprised if you wanted to be free Together we don't have much that we own We find more value in experience than monetary things A seat beside me, filled by you, to my face a smile you bring You, you are my home

When we look back at this crazy time When I was lost and you held me when I cried We won't want a re-do, we won't want to push rewind It all makes the people, it all makes the bond tight Thank you Mister for the way you are with me Guiding me slightly without forcing your beliefs I don't know where I'd be right now if I were all alone... You are my love, my partner, my home...


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