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Savor Autumn by: Jennie Camile

The animals are rummaging Storing food and making hideaways The temperature is plummeting Daylight Savings brings on shorter days Leaves are colorful But soon they'll disappear Mother nature has her hands full Another change of season is drawing near The birds are preparing to fly South If only they could buy a winter coat They wouldn't have to wait the cold out Or miss Halloween, Thanksgiving and the chance to vote

Some call it, "Fall" and some call it, "Autumn" A time when cinnamon spice lingers in the air Summer citrus smells are lost and forgotten Pumpkin and corn decorate everything, everywhere It's a time of indoor living and hibernation Time to cuddle up with a cup of cocoa All the bears prepare for a long vacation All the humans prepare for the snow Time to buy heated blankets and get the roof fixed Stock up on soup and hot tea in case the flu bug bites The "plan ahead" person has gotten all their Christmas gifts And their home is adorned with lots of twinkling lights With the stress of the season how fast the time flies But this one thing I ask, please do me this favor Step back, breathe in the Fall air, close your eyes And savor...


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