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Grateful (A Thanksgiving Poem) by: Jennie Camile

House is filled with savory scents Everyone begins to arrive The cook can't wait for the compliments Dinner will be served at five

The boys are in the living room, watching football A beer in hand with their eye on the relish tray The gals are in the kitchen, it's a gossip free for all A glass of wine in hand, no time to eat, too much to say

Then the bird comes out of the oven Everyone's stomach starts to moan Mashers, gravy, yams and stuffin' Grab a plate, everyone fills their own

Then for a moment, the house is still You can only hear the clanging of silverware No one is talking, everyone's just eating... until... We all realize these moments together are so rare

So, the house fills again with laughter and love Everyone is catching up on days gone by This is what holidays are brilliantly made of A chance to connect and look each other in the eye

A prayer is said for those not joining us this year New traditions are never easy to get used to For that reason some of us shed a few tears Knowing full well that those missing, are thinking of us too

The meal's over, but as we pull our apron strings We look around and the smiles are undeniable What joy Thanksgiving surely brings... We give our thanks and go home again feeling so very grateful


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