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Burning In Your Belly by: Jennie Camile

He walked in and said to me

I really don't like where I've come to be

It's been 4 years that I've gone through these motions

Never once enjoying them - left unfulfilled & always hoping

I used to walk that same pity filled path

Where you never blame yourself, but only circumstance

You talk a pretty tale of dreams and goals you seek

But when it comes to take a stand, you sit firmly in your seat

There's a burning in your belly

A fire you keep putting out

A grand illusion you keep telling

All the while you're so filled with doubt

If you believed an inch of the picture you paint

You could move mountains and change your fate

Cause what burns you more than the passion aching to be set free

Is that you use the words, "I can't," so easily

I sat down today to a computer screen

The thoughts weren't coming and I thought - wow creativity can be so mean

It's been more than a month since I've tried to lay it down

Soul was speaking to me, but I couldn't hear a sound

I used to think I was graced with endless verbage

But somewhere along the way I lost my brave, I lost my courage

The goosebumps and excitement faded into dark reality

But finally I see that what's real to everyone else, doesn't have to be real for me

There's a burning in my belly

A fire I keep putting out

A song, a poem, a story worth telling

I just need to have less self doubt

I believe in all the avenues I choose to create

Life is short; I need to realize that it can't wait

Because what burns us most in this great life is not the passion aching to be set free

But all the passions we extinguish for fear of not being well received


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