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All The Wind Brought by: Jennie Camile

The stillness started to sway

The clouds got carried away

The bluest of skies you’ve ever seen

The ocean waves got a little mean

We thought it’d bring rain

We thought it’d bring chills

We welcomed the change

But that was until…

Fires and overturned trees

Walkways covered in piles of leaves

Power outages and hair full of knots

That was what the wind brought

The chimes played music

The gusts were elusive

Loose papers went up in the air

Chaos could be seen here and there

We thought it’d bring sprinkles

We thought it’d bring hope

We prayed for more than a drizzle

But we can put away those raincoats

High surf and birds struggling to fly

Balloons swept away and too fast to stop

Cars swerving and sand blowing into eyes

That was what the wind brought

No rain

No matter how much we danced

Nothing to flow down the drain

Boots have nowhere to splash

More summer-like days – so hot!

That was what the wind brought

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