• A poem by: Jennie Camile


Is it too much to ask

That when I smile at you, you smile back

Why do you think me odd when I say "hello" as I pass you on the street?

When did it become customary to not say it back and just stare at your feet?

Is it too hard to hold that door open after you walk in

When you see someone behind you, hands full, struggling

When did we become the "do as little as possible" society?

Fewer and fewer interactions, fueling our isolation and anxieties

Peace starts right here

Kindness needs to reappear

Helping hands and little gestures go so far

We have the power, but we claim it's too hard

Looking down on those unlike ourselves

Working only towards our own success or wealth

With a little more compassion, it can come with ease

Start where you are, if you want this world to have a chance at peace

Road rage and cutting in line

The dialogue loop: "Mine, Mine, Mine!"

When did we all decide to take an ego trip?

Will we ever see that you truly get what you give?

Expectations are higher than ever before

Turnover rate soaring as the lazy leave through that revolving door

Grateful is something we need to plant our roots back into

We're blessed with clothes, food, shelter and everyday having something to do

Peace starts right in this place

When you read the expression on someone's face

And you lend them a hanky when tears start to form

When you forget what you've learned to be the norm

It's not about what's popular, it's about what's right

Kindness is always cool, don't ever lose sight

With a little more love and concern for those around us

We can expand the level of comfort and trust

We can't expect or pray for things to change when we don't add our piece...

Start where you are, love everyone you see, if you want this world to have a chance at peace...

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