• Jennie Camile


Somewhere along my journey

I was pushed way off course

The intention was not to hurt me

Motive was to help me to not fall short

Still, that message I received did me a disservice

I kept hearing “Art isn’t valid without monetary gain”

Before that I thought my art to have a different purpose

It was about the joy it brought me, not the money it attained

But doubt started to creep in and plant some roots

Tangled in this circle of validation I never needed

I began to change and mold to others’ attributes

Until everything special and unique to me, became depleted

There is far more to life than the money that you make

There is far more to art than the time that it takes

It is about the journey of creation and the meaning that unfolds

Passion for the craft keeps that fire blazing; sights set on money will only leave you cold

Some creations only take a moment and others take so many days

But what does it really matter as long as it is made?

Somewhere along my quest

I was told that I’m not good enough

The intention wasn’t malicious, I guess

But it surely didn’t feel rooted in love

Sadly that message snuck into my psyche

I kept hearing “what are you doing with your life?”

Doubt filled my heart and I no longer felt like me

Why does everyone think they owe others advice?

Luckily one day a beam of light in word form

Steered me back to the center of my being

I’m no longer concerned with what is expected or the norm

Because I realize the person I am, is worthy of believing…


There is far more to life than the notoriety you gain

There is far more to art than the legacy tied to your name

It is about the creating of something that never was before

Money can provide, but a life full of creative aspirations can give you so much more

Some creations may be subject to ridicule or others dismay

But that is when you have to realize that it wasn’t for them that any of it was made…

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