• Jennie Camile

Off the Grid


Has finally grabbed a hold of me

It says, “Don’t you want to follow your passion child?”

Been seeking approval

But finally, by self removal

I find myself free of scrutiny and free to truly run wild…

It is personal preference

Some have a better defense

I can’t see images or hear the news

It used to be that you could choose

Now no matter where you look it’s everywhere

Still, it cannot reach me if I’m simply not there

So I’m going to take a year away from the chaos

Going to wander into other avenues and I hope I get lost…


Has been my place of peace

It says, “You are safe when you’re with me.”

Been feeling unfocused

But finally, I’ve noticed

It’s all about where I put my energy

It’s a personal choice

I can’t handle all the noise

I break far easier than the next

To stay composed, I really try my best

But there’s so much information traveling my way

My blue skies are so tired of constantly turning gray

So I’m going to get off the grid and pay more attention to my art

Going to wander into wonderland and make a brand new start

We only think we have to do what everyone else does

We only believe what we’ve been fed since we were young

There comes a time when you can break a system that’s no longer serving you

There comes a time when you have to become the gate keeper of what makes it through

It’s a personal preference

No longer concerned with acceptance

I have to do what’s best for me

Protect this soul that breaks easily

Negativity needs to find a different path

Don’t come my way hoping I will react

Because I’m headed away from all the updates

Off to find my purpose, off to find a slice of joy and I can’t wait…

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