• Jennie Camile

The Power of a Little Book

I read a little book today

It had the ability to take me far away

There were hues of light and dark

The brilliance of it instantly touched my heart

A world was opened up to me

A little mouse has shown me how to break free

Ain’t it grand?

How words seem to understand

You can feel like you are so very all alone

And then you read a paragraph and it’s just like they know

What you’re feeling, what you’re moving through

When no one else seems to get you

Solace on a page, written years before this moment here

And yet those words have the power to make everything clear

I read a little story and I want to read it again

When it was over, I felt like I had lost a friend

It had gifted me so many lessons and epiphanies

Words flowing like music, like a symphony

A void filled without even knowing I was lacking

It answered questions that I wasn’t even asking

Ain’t it beautiful?

How fiction can be so truthful

You can find magic again inside these pages

Magic you haven’t seen for ages and ages

What you’re seeing is validation of spirit

It’s almost as if the story is listening when no one else wants to hear it

Peace, empathy and love scattered in sentences years ago

And yet those groups of words have the power to show you magic is something you will never outgrow

Ain’t it epic?

How much can be found in a relic

The crisp meanings of life will always hold valid

For everyone has been faced with some sort of challenge

What we all need is something to cling to for peace and understanding

Strength found in words can keep us from falling; keep us standing

Solace on a page, written years before this moment here

Have the power to change the way we see hope, love and fear…

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