• Jennie Camile


Take a cue from nature

Start the day with some shine

Day blank like a sheet of paper

What it all means is yours to define

Possibilities endless and patiently they wait

Be mindful when choosing what you leave up to fate

Time it moves so quickly and yet it's standing still

Make the most of every second, you never truly will

Just do your best to illuminate the day

Someone else's smile, don't you dare take it away

Listen without forming your eager reply

Give often without needing any reasons why

Dignity is garnered when kindness matters most

Humility is stripped away when you brag or boast

Whatever you aim to do, don't step on anyone to get there

If you fail, try again and never utter the words: life just isn't fair

Truth be told we don't know where this life will take us

But the greatest foundation to build upon is trust

Trust in who you have become and who you will be

Trust in where you're from and don't fall into the traps of society

There is no one way to live a life and your way is as good as any

Some chase after things that can only be purchased with pennies

If that is not what motivates you, do not hang your head

Chase after all your creative visions instead

Remember you are at the helm of your ship

No one can take the wheel or rewrite your script

Align your heart with whatever ignites that spark

Your passions will help you through even the darkest of darks

When all is said, when all is done

You have to realize you are someone

A person with purpose, a person of substance

You can only operate by your own judgment

Decisions are yours no matter what advice has been given

Bullies are those who break you down till you change your position

Hold tight to what you know is right in your bones

And if that isolates you from everyone; for a while go it alone

Isolation could be worse, but you are lucky to have a gift

Whenever you’re feeling down, rhyming words give you a lift

No matter where you are, you have vocabulary to thank

For pulling you out of any hole, no matter how far you sank

Words are your air, words are your friends and words will never abandon

Articulation comes so natural and helps you depict all that's happened

In doing so, you find release and comfort quickly takes over

It's just what you need to get through it all and find a sense of closure

Life is a beautiful string of moments to be cherished

Have the ability to laugh at yourself when others might be embarrassed

Life is a mixed up game of holding tight and letting go

Have the wherewithal of courage to say the word NO!

The lessons you learn with each passing day

Aren't easily lost; they don't just fade away

You are made up of every experience

Day after day you move through with perseverance

The greatest accomplishment you can attain

Is from year to year finding a way to change

Sticking to who you are and setting only in your ways

Will lead to a detrimental string of boring days

When you realize that you can always be better

When you see that one mind is good, but what a difference when two minds get together

When you stop believing that everything you know is right

That is when you start to shine your most pure light

We all have convictions

We all have beliefs

But what a restriction

To not listen to what others believe

Pride should be left outside of the door

It does no good to hold tight to it anymore

Be open, be honest, but be kinder than both

All this will give you a life full of growth...

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