• A poem by: Jennie Camile

Know It All

Those who think they know most everything

They surely are confused

Those who think they know nothing

They usually get used

Those who think they know a little

Are usually just fine

Those who think they know it all

Seldom do, I find

When you think you can’t be taught

The world will close right up

Like a dried riverbed where no more fish can be caught

When you think you’ve solved all the mysteries of life

New ideas you tend to snub

Slowly you become lost in a fool’s paradise

Those that think they can’t be stretched

In mind and every matter

Immediately write off the far fetched

And let possibilities just scatter

Those who do not try to understand other point of views

Often find their pride stinging and their ego bruised

When you think you are the definitive guide

Then what more can you gain from living?

Perhaps a part of you has already died

So many ways in which to live life and what makes you the expert?

What a sad state of continual misgiving

Listening to others ideas won't make you any less clever!

If you no longer grow and expand

Than you are just moving through days

All that hourglass holds for you is sand

There’s nothing left by which you can feel amazed

Life is full of discoveries that far surpass our years

Come back down to Earth, there’s always more space to fill between those ears...

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