• Jennie Camile

My Degree

Discouraged for a moment

Tried so hard not to show it

I thought I was further down this path

Such a ways to go, but no way am I turning back

This is my dream and it may take a while

But slow and untraditional has always been my style

It really doesn’t matter what age I will be

All that matters is that I will get my degree

Long days and late nights

Fear and doubt putting up a good fight

But I knock them down with one word: capable

Yes, this open mind is shapeable

And I will go the distance at whatever pace will get me there

I’ll put in the time, do the work, and say a whole lot of prayers…

Wind out of sails, but only for a second

No, it’s not the date I had projected

But like Grandma Bea always said, “the time will pass either way…”

Might as well put some purpose into each and everyday

This is my dream and I’m further along than I’ve been

It’s challenging and truthfully I want to give up now and then

But courage is found by staying the course

And someday, maybe, I will be the one cited as the reliable source

Tired eyes and aching neck

Put off plans or ask for rain checks

Focused on this sliver of life

I guess you can say I’ve got my eye on the prize

I just want to be better at what I do well

Eventually comfortable in my abilities so I can come out of my shell…

So many dreams I am chasing, this is actually only one of many

But if it’s there for the taking, well I’m as good a candidate as any

And I am starting to see the power in knowledge

When I was young, I didn’t see the benefit of college

It’s not about some fancy office or a hefty paycheck

It’s about attaining little pieces that help life make more sense

I have a dream and UCLA here I come…

A couple years more, but I won’t stop till I’m done

Dreams are magical and how amazing it will be

When in these two hands I finally hold my degree…

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