• A poem by: Jennie Camile

All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas

Is a kinder world

Where those in need get assistance

And there's a home for every boy and girl

For doors to be held open

And "Hello”s to be said

Less Innocence stolen

And every belly full and fed

All I want for Christmas

Seems too much to ask

But all it takes is some forgiveness

And when someone smiles, smile back

The biggest changes start with little steps

And you there reading this; you're powerful and mighty

The love you give, it will project

So, let your light shine brightly

All I want for Christmas

Is for you to feel loved

For your holidays to be delicious

And heaven to smile on you from above

May joy and laughter fill your heart

And memories be added to your collection

No matter if we are together or apart

You can be certain you are held in high affection

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