• A poem by: Jennie Camile


Vertical in body

Horizontal in spirit

Overuse the word “Sorry”

No one will believe you when they hear it

Yet again

Invisible on the highway

Hugging curves you’ve been dealt

Weekend quickly became Monday

Today, feeling things you’ve never felt

Yet again

You see images that bring you straight to tears

Power over anything outside of oneself seems so wrong

To take any being’s life is an action laden with fear

To take a life, well it doesn't make one strong

Innocence is threatened when your scope of view is expanded

It's a daily struggle, but don't ever let yourself become disenchanted

Loving in heart

Misunderstood in body

They will pick you apart

If you refuse to be a carbon copy

In the end

Bright and vivid distraction

Swatted away like a fly buzzing

No acceptance and no compassion

Pegged the ugly duckling

In the end

You see past human form and into souls

You see value in the darkness, void of light

Willing to pull anyone out of their self dug holes

Still no one’s here to help dig you out tonight

We cannot expect what we are willing to give

But don’t you dare let that leave you disenchanted

Hold on tight to that amazing spark

You will need it when days go dark

Remember those hands that have lifted you when you thought you were stranded

There are many more like them, just believe in humanity and never become disenchanted

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