• A poem by: Jennie Camile


The light that went out

Now illuminates the sky

So many feelings to work out

When a soul leaves a body to fly

Memories and personal accounts

No way will you ever get over this

So focused on what’s been pronounced

Instead of seeing the time together as a gift

Priceless to have been moved by magic

Lucky to have seen such beauty and heart

Still, tears fall at this news, so tragic

Why do those we love have to depart?

Answers unknown

Even when you’re full grown

There’s mystery in the after life

Death is a sort of birthright

We all have to go eventually, no escaping that

But that doesn’t mean when life is done, we fade to black

Look at the sky and see all those souls looking down

On a starry night, heaven can be found…

I fear the end more than anyone I know

My relationship with religion is off and on and off again

I just love life, can’t imagine I’ll ever be ready to go

If only fears would subside so true faith could begin

So much left up to fate

Is there truly a plan for each and every one of us?

I feel some higher power every time I sit down to create

Forces of energy pushing, pulling and begging me to trust

Then I wake up from a dream and cry myself back to sleep

The realization that everything I know will someday be gone

A promise humanity has no choice but to keep

I fear there’s nothing after this life, but dying is the only way to be proved wrong

What we will see

When we cease to BE

A lifelong secret kept

Thankful to not know it yet

We all have to travel onward and when it’s time, it’s time

Really all that matters is all we leave behind

Magic, kindness, and the love we give to everyone around

On a starry night many moons from now, there I’ll be, from heaven I’ll be looking down…

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