• A poem by: Jennie Camile




What you hold inside

Don’t be afraid, don’t hide


Be kind

Tap into what’s inside

Worry not about what forces may collide

Stretch your limits

Fill up those priceless minutes

Wise up to that guiding voice inside of you

Only you can make up your mind to do what you need to do

And it can be as life changing as you want

It’s about your happiness not something to flaunt

Just take the steps toward your smile

And don’t forget to share your sparkle once in a while…



Dreams can come true

When they become the most important thing to you



Of seeing something completed

What some said couldn’t be done – you achieved it!

Open your mind

Don’t wait for stars to align

The universe is already there in your heart

You hold the key right there where you are

Chase those butterflies no matter their popularity

Relevance is nothing compared to keeping that spark in your belly

Just grab more wood to put on that fire

Don’t forget to share your sparkle, who knows what you might inspire…

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