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Happiness Podcast Postponed...

Today's episode will be delayed due to my Mental Health struggles. I'm okay, but recording an episode about "Happiness" proved rather challenging as I'm in a very depressive state. No cause for alarm, working on meditation/therapy/meds, but this is the place to feel all your feelings and so I just want to be open and honest. Everything just comes to a head sometimes and when you say to yourself, "I can't handle ONE MORE THING" and then one more thing happens... Well, I kind of snapped and when I snap, I cave inward. Recluse. Cry NON-STOP. I'm through those "CRYING NONSTOP" woods now, but still so emotionally fragile. Tears are right there at the surface. I hear critical voices saying "Ha, you don't know pain," or "you're choosing to see the darkness." And, I'm feeling a lot of guilt, shame and doubt about my feelings. The self deprecating inside my head is at an all time high, but I'm slowly changing the narrative. My brain = my real estate. I am valid. My feelings are valid... I love this podcast. It brings me joy and today's episode was going to be bright and very upbeat, but I don't have that spirit in me right now. I will again. It comes back. Happiness isn't a destination, it visits from time to time and it WILL visit again... Keep you posted on new dates. Thanks for being so supportive and lovely. STAY YOU!!!

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