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Every few weeks, at least once a month, I will have a movie marathon where I just spend an afternoon or the whole weekend day savoring some film. Since I watch so many movies, people often ask me which ones they should check out. So, here are some past reviews of my movie watching days. I don't get into full detail about each flick because I don't want to give anything away. Movies Rock! 

Something Borrowed

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski, Steve Howey & Ashley Williams 

This film came out in 2011, but I recently re-watched it and it has quickly risen back to the top of my favorite romantic comedies list. I am a HUGE Ginnifer Goodwin fan. Girl Crush, yes I have one on her! Then, you add JOHN KRISINSKI?!?!?! Then, Reba Alum Steve Howey (who also had a hilarious cameo on New Girl) and Ashley Williams (She's been in everything - so talented! Bonus - she's the sister in law of Brad Paisley) are both hilarious parts of this movie. Steve and Ashley truly make the movie! I love the whole idea of this plot-line. It is so unique. The story came from a novel of the same name written by: Emily Giffin. It is a love triangle as you've never seen it with top notch acting and shenanigans! IT IS SO GOOD! That last scene... how do you not cry? 


Starring:  Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad

I had heard so many horrible reviews about this movie which honestly kept me from wanting to watch it. I'm so glad that I finally took the hour and a half out of my life to see this visually stunning film. I was amazed by the special effects and all their attention to details when it came to the old video games. Anyone who grew up in the 80s can really appreciate their gaming references. I really don't understand why this film got such a bad rap? There was even a reference made just recently by Ricki Gervais at the Golden Globes where he said he'd rather watch Schindler's List than Pixels. Harsh criticism there! (SPOILER ALERT) It was a little wacky that Kevin James was the President and some of the jokes were corny, but what do you expect from an Adam Sandler movie?!?!?! You've got to get in that silly mindframe before sitting down to one of his films. Only then, can you truly appreciate the pure fun of it! I loved this movie! Luckily, critics couldn't stop Pixels from making some serious $$$$... This movie cost 88 million to make and in its box office run, it grossed over 220 million dollars. 

Peanuts - The Gang's All Back!

I give it 5 out of 5 STARS ***** 

It's so rare to see a movie with a G rating these days and sadly we've come to expect anything that is G rated to not be very entertaining or too watered down. That is so not the case with this epic reboot of the Peanuts franchise. Not only did they get everything just right! They tied every bit of why we love Peanuts into the story. Somehow they weaved every little bit of nostalgia into a cohesive and deeply moving story. I truly want to go see it again! GO SEE IT - It's visually stunning and amazingly funny and moving! So good to see the whole gang again! WELL DONE!!! 

Did I not convince you enough? Okay,watch the preview...

People Needing People


The unique idea that a mentally ill person wins the lottery and can afford to "buy" her very own TV Show made me so excited to watch this film. Add Kristen Wiig to the mix and it was an even stronger draw for me. WELCOME TO ME was interesting and fresh, but also had a few slow scenes and a select scene or two that was hard to watch. The term "self destructive" came to mind all throughout this crazy display of well, crazy... Kristen Wiig definitely has a knack for playing these off the wall characters and giving them enough heart and whimsy that you end up rooting for them in the end. She gets you to invest in people whom you want to write off. Kristen's comedic timing is off the charts. Though, there are times where I was asking, "What’s the point?" I assure you, at the end of the film; everything is wrapped up and makes for a solid ending. You don't come away with a huge message, but it's definitely an entertaining hour and a half. If you like Kristen Wiig, watch it!!!! 


It's hard to sympathize with Conrad Valmont as he has THE LONGEST WEEK of his life. Cut off from the family fortune, he's forced to find places to stay, other means of transportation and women who actually like him for himself and not his money. Whatever will he do? Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde are so wonderful in this film and there's even a slice of Jenny Slate in there to get you laughing. I don't want to give too much of the plotline away, but I will say that the ending was far off from what I expected. Even though I was let down a bit, it was nice to see something different than a happy Hollywood ending for a change! 


I want to be more like Abby! This character from IRA & ABBY is so easy to fall in love with. She's optimistic, kind to everyone she meets, a great listener and she walks around the gym where she works eating French fries from a McDonald's bag. The character is awesome and the more you learn about her, you just see why she's everyone's favorite girl. Chris Messina who plays Ira is an all-time favorite of mine and I just love how easily he taps into the insecurities of life. He is brilliant in this film and so is the whole cast. There is never a dull moment and the twists and turns keep you guessing. A really FUN romantic comedy! 


When I began watching THE BEGINNERS I was bored. Flashbacks and memories coupled with present moments had me a bit confused. I figured that since Christopher Plummer won the Oscar for his performance that I'd be blown away. Perhaps my expectations did me in or perhaps the production was aiming for artsy and hit it way out of the ballpark. The items helped tie together the images a little bit. Like Oliver (played by Ewan McGregor) would find a magazine in his Father's belongings and it would remind him of reading to his father from a similar magazine and that clip would play out. Still, the overall connectivity of his father's life and what he was going through was never fully developed. You just assume your own connection and hope that you're right which left me feeling very unfulfilled at the end of this film. There were a few moments of greatness – most of which came to me through Oliver’s drawings. Those were epic mind musings, but beyond that I felt nothing.  

I just loved, loved, loved this unique little story... which one was my favorite? Click "What a gem" to find out!




Starring: George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Judy Greer, Kathryn Hahn, Keegan-Michael Key and Thomas Robinson.

This story is an action packed, beautifully depicted story about wonder, dreams and never giving up. 

There is a deep message embedded in this story about choosing positivity over negativity. 

Hugh Laurie gives a speech that is both enlightening and impactful. His speech has to do with the negative aspects of being a human in this day and age. My jaw dropped at the eloquent and quick way he sized up our world from a negative standpoint. It really got you thinking and striving to see and hear the positives to counteract such awful "truths." We all have a choice where we end up and we can choose positive or negative. That's the two choices... Choose wisely... It may seal our world's fate!  


I loved this movie so much... I can't wait to see it again... 

Dream on... beautiful dreamers... NEVER EVER GIVE UP! 

The Apartment

Starring Jack Lemmon & Shirley MacLaine 

Thank you Netflix for including classic movies! It was a black and white film, but it wasn't lacking in any way. Such a great movie full of life, humor and love. Such a unique storyline and I so wish our movie industry would put out more movies like this! Not cookie cutter at all with depth, heart and a great story! I can't say what it's about or I'll give it all away... Watch it! It does not dissapoint! 

Brilliantly Barefoot


The title DORFMAN IN LOVE didn't really have much going for it. That being said, I usually watch anything that Sara Rue is in because I like her quirky sensibility. This movie was way better than its title! I loved the story which only had cliche moments splashed here and there. It was unique and fun. I love movies where a makeover is involved too - super fun to watch a character evolve and come into her own. 


Justin Long is such a gem. There's something so great about every character he plays. His mix of good guy, goof ball and great acting makes it easy to watch his performances. He's not so bad on the eyes either! BEST MAN DOWN has a few twists and I don't want to give too much away, but what a ride. This is nothing I expected - what a beautiful story at the heart of this film. Takes you through every emotion while you go on a road trip to find out what happened to the best man? Awesome film! 


Do you remember Ben from Felicity? Yes, I know, Scott Speedman has had a great career since then, but he'll always be Ben to me! BAREFOOT not only stars Scott Speedman, but the amazingly talented Evan Rachel Wood. Such a unique story about two people who really need each other, but just don't know it yet. This movie has humor, tears, drama and joy - it truly has something for everybody. The first 10 minutes aren't so pretty, but I assure you that if you just keep watching, it is so worth it! One of my all time favorite movies now! 


I have a really hard time labeling THE BOX TROLLS a children's film. I'm hoping it wasn't made with children solely in mind because what a scary film! Such a strange story animated so brilliantly and artfully. We watched the back story on how they made the film and it's daunting how many hours went into each and every scene. For that dedication and the beautifully crafted scenes I am in awe, but the menacing tale is not one that was easy to watch. Violent and very scary for kids. I would say that it's more suitable for 10-12 year olds or older kiddos only.  

My favorite movie of the bunch??? Take a guess...

Wish All Movies Had So Much Heart!


Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan have hilarious chemistry in this interesting movie about the reality of just being friends with someone of the opposite sex. WHAT IF toys with the idea that even though you feel love at first sight when meeting this person, you can put feelings aside and just be friends. It's a little slow here and there, but there are some really fun bits worth watching for. Daniel Radcliffe is such a great actor (so good to see him without a wand in his hand) and Zoe Kazan has this charm about her that lights up the screen. 


I love Steve Coogan - he's so great and comical, but THE TRIP had me screaming at the television screen: "Are we there yet?!?!?" It has got pieces of hilarity and a few moments of profoundness, but none stand tall enough to make this movie a solid flick. Half the movie is driving or the two of them trying their different voice impressions over impressive looking meals. Just wasn't for me... 


TOUCHY FEELY is a menagerie of issues. Ellen Page was an interesting character who was just trying to find someone to relate to. Rosemarie Dewitt is so wonderful to watch. She's one of the best actresses out there and this was no different. It's definitely not a feel good movie, but the message is deep and it's definitely not a waste of time. We even get to see Ron Livingston for a scene or two and that's always a good thing! 


Zach Braff got some flack for funding WISH I WAS HERE using Kickstarter, but I say however you can get a movie made (especially one as special as this one), go for it! It defintely gave new meaning to the swear jar and it was definitely comical to watch Joey King say some curse words. The cast felt magical with: Zach Braff, Kate Hudson, Mandy Patinkin, Josh Gad, Joey King, Pierce Gagnon, Donald Faison, Ashley Greene and even a few scenes with Sheldon!!! aka Jim Parsons! Such a gorgeous story written by Zach and his brother Adam. Quirky in parts, but it only adds to the charm of this poignant film. I loved every little bit of it! 

Do you know which one I'd pick out of these four?

I Am What I Am


Ben Stiller as a Cave Man?!?! Yes, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3 gives us another amazing adventure and fun surprises. Lancelot is a fun addition to the cast and Rebel Wilson is spunky and hilarious as usual. Same antics, different museum. A little sad to see the franchise go and also to see Robin Williams in one of his last films. Tugged at my heart for sure. Another fun installment! You'll enjoy it! 


Elizabeth Olsen, Josh Radnor, the amazing Richard Jenkins, Allison Janney and even a fun and brilliant cameo by Zac Efron! LIBERAL ARTS has a lot going for it - the cast, the beautiful location of Kenyon College in Gambler, Ohio and this amazing story. It's a coming of age story and a looking back at glory days story paired very nicely. It showcases two stages of life and how they can overlap or collide. A lot of emotion and great acting at the heart of this film. 


A classic tale of adolescence, innocence and how powerful one person can be. THAT'S WHAT I AM is a simple story of outcasts and overcoming stereotypes. There's so much heart to this movie and Ed Harris is such a remarkable actor and presence on screen. The issues they tackle in this film are many, but it's done in such a way that you just feel like a kid in grammar school going through life. Love that it's set back in time a bit, I love those old cars and clothes! A really simple and sweet beautiful film!  


There's always ROOM ON THE BROOM as the witch shows us over and over. What a beautiful animation and cute little story of a generous witch and her flying broom. Her cat is not too keen on her generosity, but that just make the scenes more comical. Only a short film so take a half hour and give it a watch. It just leaves you feeling happy! 





Which one is a must see?


Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Adriana Barraza, Anna Kendrick, Sam Worthington, Felicity Huffman, William H Macy, Chris Messina and many other talented folk...

Stripped down, no make-up and every single emotion on her sleeve - that is Jennifer Aniston in this film. She is raw, flawed and unforgettable as Claire - a grieving soul tortured by chronic pain. The beauty of this film is its subtle nature. For a little over an hour and a half, you are to feel what you feel as you take it all in. The magic that is made has a lot to do with the rich heart of the story - everyone feels pain, everyone does not want to feel alone and everyone can get better, but it is up to each person if and when they get better. No one can be saved, one must save themselves with beautiful support from people who love them. Jennifer Aniston is magical and so amazingly real. An unforgettable performance that just opened up great doors for her. To see her like this is hard, but so very worth it. What a beautiful film. Take some tissues, but feel what you feel... it's worth it! 

Click "A little taste" to have a slice of Cake! 

Magnificent Maleficent


Mark Ruffalo in anything is a hit in my eyes! BEGIN AGAIN is no different! Not only is Mark brilliant as a struggling producer/musician, but he really brings a believable ignorance to the character who also struggles to be a good father. It was a heavy dynamic, but mixed with great songs (who knew Keira Knightley could sing?) and a unique storyline it all fell together quite nicely. It's just one of those poignant films where not everything is tied up in a pretty little bow at the end, but you feel good and hopeful anyways.


I have been so excited to see Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal together on screen. There's something about Cameron that always enchants me and yep, I have a massive crush on Jason Segal. So how disappointed was I as I sat down to watch SEX TAPE. Now I am no prude and I knew it would be raunchy hence the name of the film, but there was nothing else to grab onto. No great storyline and just dumb. I turned the movie off within 15 minutes. Very disappointing.


Disney NEVER disappoints! I hadn't seen MALELIFICENT in the theater and was reluctant to watch it being a loyal member of "Team Jennifer," but I am so amazingly glad that I watched this beautiful film. First of all, the writers are so detailed and so amazingly accurate with all the bits we already know about Malelificent from SLEEPING BEAUTY. All those little details were rolled into this movie so perfectly that there was no reason to doubt that this was the back story of Maleficinet. Angelina Jolie is remarkable in this. She looks perfect, her mannerisms so embody the character and she's one tough chick. The design and overall look of every scene is breathtaking and you really feel transported into that world. It's a dark story for the most part, but a great way to spend a couple hours! 


Speaking of "Team Jennifer," Jennifer Aniston stars in an amazingly unique and quirky film called LIFE OF CRIME. This movie is based on Elmore Leonard's novel THE SWITCH and I do believe that title is more appropriate than LIFE OF CRIME, but perhaps they thought that gave too much away? This movie is set back in the 70s I presume and it is a fun ride. It has a very classic feel to it and you never really know what's going to happen until the end. I don't want to give too much away because it is a mystery, but I will say that the acting is awesome! Mos Def is hilarious and I loved seeing Isla Fisher again. She's funny in this. Also Tim Robbins does a great job at making you hate him and Will Forte is so naive and adorably dumb. You'll love it - it's not your average movie! 





I liked one movie better than the rest... fancy a guess? 

My FAVORITE Movie Of The Year!

Starring Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal, Charlotte Le Bon

This beautiful movie stole my heart within the first few scenes. A story of starting over and finding your own style and way in life. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and makes you want to leave the theater in search of that little French village! A feel good movie that has everyone walking out with a smile. Helen Mirren teaches us about Michellin Stars as she learns how to change after years of doing everything precisely the same way. Her performance is remarkable and her chemistry with Om Puri ignites the screen. Such a well done film and it's my pick of 2014!              


*** I give it 3 Michellin Stars!!! 

A Million Ways To Disappoint


After seeing Seth McFarlane kill it on the Oscars without his normal disgusting jokes, you'd think okay he's going a bit more neutral. Think again. A MILLIONS WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST is a raunch fest. Even guys who usually like the poop or sexual jokes thought this went a bit too far. With such a great cast, we watched to the end to see if it would all come together and be worth it, but sadly it did not. 


PING PONG SUMMER had all the makings of a great coming of age story, but it didn't serve it up at all. Susan Sarandon's cameo was unnecessary and under developed. The flash back to the 80's was fun and there were bits and pieces that had me chuckling, but as a whole I was disappointed. 



What a surprise. This movie really got me thinking about what is more important - words or pictures? The idea that one is bolder than the other is interesting and the way that theme was laid out through this film was solid. Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche have a great chemistry and keep you pulling for them. A film that gets you thinking... 


CHEF was a delectable treat! The storyline was unique and the cast incredible! A movie that makes your stomach growl for sure! I don't want to give too much away, but you'll be smiling throughout and even after the credits have rolled. 


OBVIOUS CHILD gave me a feeling of youthful hope and optimism. I have to admit, when seeing the preview, I was concerned that it was going to be a bit of a trashy flick. There may be moments here and there, but there is real heart at the root of this movie. Jenny Slate has this quality about her - it's a mixture of naivete' and quick wit. I was cracking up then crying and then rooting for her. It was awesome to see Jake Lacy again too! (He was Mini Jim on The Office) To cast Jake as Max was a perfect fit. Good movie! 

Can anyone guess which movie was my favorite out of these five? Take a guess and then click on the "Favorite Flick" link to see if you're right! 

Here's The Scoop


Ever check out your local library for DVDs? You really should consider it! The Library has such an awesome variety! All four of these flicks were found right on the shelf and they DID NOT dissapoint. 


THE GREAT RACE took me into a world where Natalie Wood was a leading lady. I was never alive in that time. I now see how transfixing she is/was. An actress of epic proportions with fiery wit and elegant looks. Yes I fell for her big brown eyes too! She is classic and now I want to see more of her films. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon reunite (they starred together in one of my all-time favorite flicks SOME LIKE IT HOT) and their chemistry is fantastic! Peter Falk is a main character as well and to see his younger self is a treat. He's amazingly hysterical in this. The film is long and the DVD even included the "Overture," "Intermission," and "Exiture." It was almost a 3 hour movie, but it's a great film by Blake Edwards who is the mastermind behind the Pink Panthers films. He was also married to Julie Andrews for  41 years. Little known fact: When Blake Edwards was asked, "If you could work with one actor for the rest of your career, who would it be?" he answered, in a heartbeat, "Jack Lemmon."


FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION is a satirical flick by Christopher Guest about the movie industry. It stars most of the same cast members from BEST IN SHOW, WAITING FOR GUFFMAN and A MIGHTY WIND all of which are also satirical films. This movie follows an aging actress - Catherine O'Hara - who has never won an award and is feeling the pressure of staying young in Hollywood. It's very entertaining! 


SWEET CHARITY is another classic, but unlike THE GREAT RACE where I was happy to have invested almost 3 hours of my life, this movie left me sad. There was an alternate ending included on the DVD and I really think they should have used that ending instead of what they chose. The musical numbers make it truly worth watching. Sammy Davis Jr sparkles and "Rhythm of Life" is a song that sticks with you. I also never knew that SWEET CHARITY is where we get "Big Spender," which is one the best broadway songs of all time. They put that song to great images in this film. A good movie, but just bummed how they ended it! 


SCOOP was a unique gem! Some have noted this film as Woody Allen's worst film ever! I have to respectfully disagree. This movie was so entertaining and full of great charm and a lot of Woody Allen. It was awesome to hear his silly jokes and his chemistry with Scarlett Johansson is even better than Scarlett and Hugh's chemistry. Scarlett plays a naive gal which is so refreshing because she's always the sexy or tough chick. Here she got to be a girl with curiousity that just might get her killed. So good! 

Can you guess which film I liked best out of these 4 great films??? Take a guess then click "Epic Flick" to see if you're right! 

It All Fell Apart



You would think with Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd you'd have the talent to make a great film. Sadly, this film demonstrates that if a script is bad, no amount of talent can save it. I don't even know what they were going for with this film? A satire of all romantic comedies? That would've been funny, but there was nothing to tie what they were doing to the cliches. I sat there at the end in a bit of shock. Really?!?!?! That's it? 


I had heard less about MOM'S NIGHT OUT than THEY CAME TOGETHER and yet it delivered far more. Such a funny film full of cameos and what a crazy storyline. Trace Adkins speech about halfway in is touching and really strikes a chord. Anjelah Johnson (Comedienne known for her nail salon bit) even makes a cameo and she's great. This movie is family fun with great heart! 


THE LOVE PUNCH reminded me of an old PINK PANTHER movie. IT was so much fun. Emma Thompson has always been a favorite of mine, but I've never been much into Pierce Brosnan. Well, Pierce delievered this time! He was funny and handsome and I just loved the way he and Emma played scenes together. Such a unique jewel smuggling flick. You will laugh and be on the edge of your seat. HILARIOUS! 


CUBAN FURY makes you wanna dance! You're rooting for Bruce the whole time and struggle through everything with him. We've seen dance films, but this is a bit more unique and it even includes a hilarious parking lot dance off. Great characters and Rashida Jones is funny and sweet in this as well. Another feel good movie! 


TRUST ME started out so good. I can't say much because I don't want to give it away, but my goodness another ending that left me scratching my head. Great acting, great cast and the storyline was solid and looked to be going somewhere promising and then *BAM* here's the end! HUH?!?!? I'm still head scratching, honestly. Very little sense can be made of the way they chose to tie up the story. 

Can you guess which film I liked the most? Take a guess and then click on "My Pick" to see if you're right! 

I May Hold A Grudge


THE LEGO MOVIE is visually amazing and so accurately Lego that your inner child will be begging you to watch it over and over again. There are many surprises in this movie and I don't want to give any of them away, but I will say that Will Ferrel is perfect for BOTH his roles! My favorite Animated Movie of the year (and maybe even of all time) hands down!!!


BAD WORDS is full of them. I get what they were trying to do here, but it fell a little short of delivering. I'm a huge Jason Bateman fan, but this movie did not do him justice and he came off looking like a big jerk. Good acting perhaps since he seems like a nice guy in real life. There were some very funny moments, but some very raunchy, crude and distasteful moments too. Gained nothing from having seen it.


GRUDGE MATCH was a mess. I thought if Robert DeNiro was tied to it, it would have to be good, but that's definitely not the case. Horrible acting. Kevin Hart was easily the best part of this film and he was in about 5-10 minutes of it. 


THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL was vivid, crazy, outlandish, brilliant and refreshing. The picturesque scenes were tied to a story of mystery and mischief that kept you interested. The acting was superb and I've never seen anything like it. A most stunning film and worth every second of your time. 


WALK OF SHAME is somewhat predictable, but it's an enjoyable ride. Elizabeth Banks is such a great actress and her silly side is definitely showcased in this movie. 


Can you guess which film I liked the most? Take a guess and then click on "A Must See" to see if you're right! 

No Hope For Bad Parents


HOPE SPRINGS was heart breaking. A wife reaching out to a husband to save their marriage and him seemingly content with separate rooms and very little love to speak of. Separate lives under one roof. There are a lot of little messages throughout that are great, but this was definitely a downer film. Brightest spot was seeing Elizabeth Shue's cameo as the bartender. 


BAD PARENTS was just BAD! Don't see it. Poorly written and I couldn't even get through the whole movie. 


THE BIG WEDDING had a dream cast and still it found a way to dissapoint. Morally, the storyline is kinda gross. Didn't sit well with me that Robert De Niro's character went back and forth between his girlfriend and ex wife who happened to be best friends back in the day. Robin Williams was amazing as usual, but mostly this movie lacked any real structure or point. Another wedding movie - nothing unique about it! 


TO THE WONDER will stir up a lot of emotion. This minimalistic approach with very few words, but amazing sound, music and visuals struck a chord with me. Hard to watch at times because it displays pieces of life you don't want to tap into. Still, turn off the lights and turn up the sound and get lost in all the bits of life. Relationships, religion, love... It's to be experienced, not just watched. I felt this movie in my soul and it shook me. 



This is probably an easy one, but out of the 4 movies listed above which one do you think I liked the most? Take a guess and then click on "Moving Movie" to see if you're right! 

All Are Epic


When I was younger I believed in fairies and the possibility of a smaller species that traveled by hummingbird. So, when I watched the movie EPIC, I was transported back to my childhood. This movie is so visually beautiful and the storyline is so unique. It's all in the details and this movie is glowing with them. I now own this film -  that's how much I adore it!


THE ORANGES is cooky! I had a hard time believing some of the relationships that occur in this film, but I love Hugh Laurie. There's many little lessons to be learned from this movie and it is entertaining and so I say see it! 


DISCONNECT is a haunting masterpiece showcasing what the internet is truly capable of. From fraud to humiliation to deceit - this movie shows how many lives can be affected by one online interaction. It's not always pretty, but the message is so powerful and brilliantly done. There is such a need to be connected and in that connection we become disconnected from the people who are actually in our lives.


Reminiscent of MOONRISE KINGDOM, the girl and boy in STANDING UP skip out on their Summer Camp experience. They take us on an exciting adventure as they sneak into a hotel room, steal clothes and get away from a Policeman. A heartwarming story that leaves you hopeful.


PEEPLES is a laugh out loud movie!

David Alan Grier and Craig Robinson keep you in stitches. The entire movie you're just hoping Wade (Craig Robinson) will catch a break, but everything seems against him. An awesome "bring your boyfriend home to meet the family" movie! 


MENTAL is zany, cooky, crazy and completely unorthodox, but brilliant. Toni Collette shines in everything she does, but this movie is just special. It's not your typical nanny movie, but some of the messages still ring true. Shaz (Toni Collette) teaches the 5 girls she's watching to embrace who they are. A touching little nutty film! 





Can you guess which film struck a chord with me and really opened my mind? Take a guess and then click on "Powerful Pic" to see if you're right! 

Now You Don't See Me


NOW YOU SEE ME had so much potential. Great cast, great idea for a movie, but the surprise ending really didn't pay off. It was too out of left field and there were no real clues leading up to it. It felt very disjointed. Left me very disappointed. 


THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES is heavy. Have some tissues ready! This is one of those movies where you're actually rooting for the "bad guy." It's very much an R rated flick - some of it is very hard to watch, but it's very well acted. There's a deep message that hits you like a ton of bricks and gets you thinking. 


GIRL IN PROGRESS tells the story of a girl struggling to grow up with a Mother who still hasn't grown up herself. It showcases a single Mom's struggles as well as the pattern of life that's been passed down from generation to generation. The whole "you think you had it bad" argument gets thrown around a lot! It's a great relationship movie with a hopeful ending. 


OBLIVION is Tom Cruise doing what Tom Cruise does best! Amazingly unique visuals and such an interesting storyline. I don't want to say much because it will give away the twists and turns that make this movie so good. Just see it - it's action packed and very entertaining! 


WHAT KATY DID was a movie I had to see because Anne of Green Gables star Megan Follows stars in it. Unfortunately, there was no Green Gables charm to this film. Very depressing tale and I never got to what Katy did.  I was too bummed out to watch all the way to the end. 


Can you guess which film I liked the most? Take a guess and then click on "Action!" to see if you're right! 

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