I Am Simple. 

There's not much to tell. I am a very simple girl who needs very little from the outside world. Give me a few pieces of paper and a pen and I'll be completely content for the rest of the afternoon. I've always been that kind of girl. I could sit in my room for hours and hours just listening to music and writing. So, it's no real surprise that 20 years later I'm still in love with words. They are my air. They mean so much to me and help me to create all kinds of writing. 


That being said, my deep affection for words can get me into trouble as well. Every word spoken means something to me and so I am a very sensitive person. I don't understand why people hurt each other with words so casually. I'm no saint, I've let my share of poorly chosen words slip out, but I try so hard to be mindful of words. Words are beautiful, poetic and colorful, but words also scar. It is said that it takes 20 positives to rid the hurt of 1 negative sentence. So, kindness is something that is so important to me. No one needs to feel hurt by words when the world, unfortunately, offers so many other ways to be hurt. 


My name is Jennie Camile. I'm a writer, a poet, a ranter and a feeler. Everything I see, smell, touch and hear finds a way into my heart and mind for better or worse. I'm inspired by the simple things around me and I write about them. Whether it be a poem about daffodils (my Brother's favorite), a blog post about how to get motivated or a short story about a Tiny Sword  that helps instill belief in possibilities - I write what I feel. I'm the kind of gal that would rather go walking along the oceanside than jetsetting to far and distant lands. I feel that inspiration can be found wherever you are and I'm lucky to have an abundance of it!